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  • From 35 € per person, per night!

    Autumn All-Inclusive Super Promotion, which includes:
    - 2 nights in a “two-bedrooms Apartment Standard Country”
    - 1 day E-bike
    - 1 Basic tasting tour in the Ottella Winery
    - Offered aperitif and 10% discounted dinner at the beautiful Raffilù

    Prices (Total price for 2 nights - tourist tax excluded):
    4 People: 330 €
    5 People: 390 €
    6 People: 420 €

    NB - Offer valid every day, except Saturdays

    • Wonderful 4-hour Bike Tour with Bike Experience Expert Guide, starting from 25
    Euros per person (depending on how many people attending).
    • Upgrade of the visit to the cellar. We offer the basic tasting, but for those who
    want to, they can buy the most advanced and complete tours with 15 € or 35 €
    extra per person.

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